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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Developer Experience Lessons At Netflix

Netfix provides a great overview on how they operate a huge microservice, serverless stack, including:

  • How effortless is the local development experience?
  • Are deployment artifacts portable, easy to version and manage?
  • What are the implications of increased development velocity
  • Can fine-grained functions be composed rapidly with confidence?
Read part1 and part2.  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Issues with Large Scale Microservices

Issues with Large Scale Microservices

  • Complexity
    • A new feature request modifies multiple services, coordination for
      • API
      • Protocols
      • Development schedule
    • Dependency between services → exposing internals
    • Running the whole system locally is problematic for developers → setup
  • Service Communication
    • Direct
    • Message middle-ware
  • Production Database Access
    • Duplicated database
    • Write-read-trough 
      • Write to a develop database
      • Try to read from production database
        • If data found → return
        • If data not found → read from develop database