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Monday, August 20, 2012

Jotted ideas on handling errors

Just jotted down some ideas about how to handle errors

  •  log the error and the calling parameters - use system console if log fails
  •  close/clean-up any resources - don't forget to handle the case if they fail
  •  notify the caller about the error
  •  handle errors and not swallow them
  • think for the edge cases - e.g do you handle 404/301/xxx for a POST ws-call that creates a new entity?

  • check for errors in system test - what happens:
    • if resource (dbase, network, file system, etc.) is not accessible
    • if resource times-out
    • if resource fails
    • if resource is saturated (e.g disk full, JMS queue full, etc.)
    • if a failed resource comes back online - is your system still consistent?
    • if rollback or any recovery mechanism fails
         NOTE: the resource can be a 3rd party application or a library

  • try to be robust - restart the failing module or stop using it
  • think about the whole system and not the components for error testing
  • think about the impossible - you might find some cases which are plausible

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