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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interesting stuff in Java Magazine July/August 2012

Interesting stuff in Java Magazine July/August 2012:

  • Secure your web services with Metro, GlassFish, and NetBeans (part 1):
    • NetBeans wizards help you to add some security to your web service.
  • Debug live Java processes and core files with HotSpot Serviceability Agent:
    • This VisualVM plugin lets you debug live and even the crashed (if you have core dumps) Java applications.
  • Modify java compiler (javac) to include a new operator:
    • It's easy to make small changes in javac leveraging the existing compiler.
  • Threading and concurrency in Java EE:
    • Don't manage threads, let containers do the work (e.g. use @Asynchronous)
  • Wirelessly back up your device’s address book using bluetooth:
    • Transfer data over bluetooth in the background.
  • Learn Oracle Berkeley DB Java API (part 1):
    • Access the embeddable key/value data store from JAVA.


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